Who's Who
The Rev'd Ronald Pollock (Preacher)
This is Ron’s 16th year running on stage at the Saint John’s Episcopal Theater-Church. Over his show-stopping tenure at Saint John’s he has performed a variety of shows including “Life with Father, Ron” and “A Communion Line.” There is a recent rumor that he has been offered the Lead in the New Episcopal Musical: “The Book of Common Prayer” an Anglican spin-off on the wildly popular musical concerning religious books on Broadway.
Alexander Martin (Best Man, Purple)
Alex, in his new leading role as ‘The Deacon,” has won a Tony award in Liturgical Choreography for his exemplary work in Gospel Processions and Dismissals at Mass. Before his work as ‘The Deacon’ he made his debut in the Ohio Theater scene with his unbelievable talent in “Dot the I”. In his next role, he will be playing Mary Poppins because he is - practically perfect in every way.
Kevin Franklin (Best Man, Blue)
Kevin has made quite a splash playing around as just one of the “Jersey Boys”. For his next theatrical endeavor, he will be performing a duet with his wife to be in “Beauty & the Beast.” Kevin will be playing the part of Belle. It will surely be quite a show to see! In other news, Kevin will be preparing for his upcoming role with a solo tour of “I’m Just a Sweet Transvestite” coming to a burlesque show near you!
David Edwards (Ensemble, Purple)
David, in his most recent theatrical endeavors, was nominated for a Golden Bear in History. His tireless effort that really brought him to center stage was his spectacular work in “Hello, David.” He is now doing an extended tour of his most impressive work in “Man of La Kutztown,” a campy show about his wandering around the sleepy college town of Kutztown, PA with his side kick Shambo.
Mary Julia Jett (Ensemble, Purple)
Mary began her fieldwork on the stage, on broadway! That was only the beginning of her career! In her latest show starred in a off-broadway revival of “Mary, Mary” the 60s Musical playing where Mary plays Mary and the sheer redundancy keeps your head spinning & your toes tapping! Her next work, due to hit the stage this summer with be “Mary Get Your Beretta,” the campy Anglo-Catholic Musical about a LadyPriest and her love of liturgical hats, throwing Holy Water, & showtunes. This show is going to be hotter than a Thurible for a Corpus Christi Procession in July!
Megan Reilly (Ensemble, Purple)
Megan began her musical career in high school and since hitting the stage, it’s hard to believe that she could be more suited anywhere else! Her vast repertoire of roles, reminds you of a 21st Century Auntie Mame, of which she starred in, as well as any other campy, theater enthusiast, dream musical you could possibly hope for. Her latest show-stopping endeavor has been at the Brown Theater of Rhode Island performing “Ain’t Misbehavin’ … Cause I’m in a PhD program.”
Ben Trump (Ensemble, Purple)
Ben began his theatrical work in the woods with his starring role in “Into the Woods.” It would seem mildly appropriate that his love of the outdoors presented him an excellent opportunity for further character work, focusing in outdoorsmen, sage-type character roles. This presented an excellent segue into his role in “Voice of the Turtle” by embodying the nature and wildlife. He, as many others in the cast are pursuing PhD’s is combining his camping experience with his academic life and is currently starting in “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t C.O.P.E.”
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Who's Who
Kathryn Tylka (Ensemble, Purple)
Katie’s last major role was this past Fall as she started in “Kiss me, Kate” with Richie Tylka. The Campy performance last September was the show of the season and really brought the crowd to their feet with their duet of “Dum Dum, Da Da.” It was a beautiful thing to see! Katie’s other work this past year also included her role as ‘Bootsy’ in a local production of “Kinky Boots.”
Charles Druckman (Ensemble, Blue)
Charles began his theater career with his show-stopping performance of ‘Good Morning Baltimore!’ From there, he hit the stage and set off on his career in Optometry. After touring in Baltimore, New Jersey, and Manhattan, he got the call to his roots in PA staring in “Movin’ Back to Pennsylvania.” His latest project has been a complex work entitled “How to Succeed in Dentistry when you’re an Optometrist.” This will be a show not to miss!
Robert Hoon (Ensemble, Blue)
Rob discovered his theater talent when his husband was touring in Manhattan. Rob decided to move his career uptown and took to the stage in the Bronx with his Tony award winning performance in “Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk” which ran for 3 years! After Rob returned to life in suburban Ohio, he started playing the part of Bert, the lovable Chimney Sweep, with his Husband in Mary Poppins.
Lindsay Lamarre (Ensemble, Blue)
Lin, since hitting the stage, has been touring all over the place with a variety of performances in Boston, Manhattan, and even New Jersey. Her last performance in New Jersey was a personal rendition of “My Fair Lady” which was nominated for a Tony for Most Life-like performance. Lin is now touring in Washington D.C. where she is getting in touch with her southern charm with her lead in “Damn Yankees.”
Adrienne Lattuca (Ensemble, Blue)
Adrienne has recently brought the house down with her amazing performance in “Not So Wicked.” For her next theatrical endeavor, she will be performing a duet with her husband to be in “Beauty & the Beast.” Adrienne will also be playing the part of Belle. This will be an unforgettable show, to say the least! As a side project, Adrienne has been working on the score to her new musical “Cabernet,” the New Musical about wine. She has been quoted as saying she needs much character development since her main experience has been in Moscato, but she is confident in the challenge of expanding her horizons.
Caroline Blanchard (Ensemble, Blue)
Caroline began her musical career with her show-stopping performance in “Chicago” consequently while living in the Midwest! Her performance career brought her to New Jersey having leading roles in historically based musicals, such as 1776, Showboat, and State Fair to name a few. These she has used as a teaching tool to help her AP US History classes remember their facts for the AP Exams. Her next theatrical endeavor will be in World History starting with the role of Evita and her focus on women's rights and their role in government.
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