The Plot

It all began one night at The Stonewall. It was a hot summer night. The police raided the bar. Riots and marches through the streets ensued. Oh wait, wrong Stonewall!

It’s your classic tale of boy meets boy. Our Groom in Silver spotted our Groom in Gold at the Stonewall in Allentown, PA. This was our local establishment to see “Boys, Boys, Boys”. The groom in Silver tried to maintain a “Poker Face” after the groom in Gold maneuvered his group of friends across the crowded dance floor. It was futile, a “Rainbow Connection” had been made. Our grooms decided to “Just Dance” for the rest of that night at the Stonewall.

Soon enough our grooms moved past the obligatory texting only phase and started talking on the “Telephone”. This was when the groom in Gold told the groom in Silver that he studied in the seminary. This posed a dilemma for Silver. “Scheisse” thought Silver, was Gold, with his “Brown Eyes”, destined to be a “Summerboy”? Then Silver realized “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”, we were “Born This Way” and this was all part of the “LoveGame”.

Our grooms spent the next several years together living on “The Edge of Glory” until they decided to “Marry the Night” at the “Electric Chapel”. Here our grooms will say their “You and I” words followed by some “Applause”. The grooms are looking forward to some excellent “Fashion!” (Fun hats anyone?).

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