A Block of rooms has been set aside at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick. Please follow the link to book you room for your stay!
Hyatt Regency
2 Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Be sure to book your room by May 22!
The Hotel is within walking distance of the New Brunswick Rail with direct service to Newark Airport, Manhattan, etc. on both NJ Transit & Amtrak trains.
There will also be a shuttle service available for both the Ceremony & the Reception.
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The closest airport is Newark International Airport and has direct connection to rail and bus service.
The Ceremony will be at St John's Episcopal Church in Somerville, NJ. There will be a shuttle service available from the Hotel. The Church is within walking distance from the Somerville Train Station via NJ Transit.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
158 West High Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
For rail information:
Available service to Somerville, Airport, Hotel, & Manhattan:
Available to Airport, Manhattan, & Hotel
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